Full Time:
A) June 2014 – Now: Payandan Co.
1. Project: Lavan Island Firefighting and F&G System Upgrading and Improvement
Overview: Detail design of firefighting and F&G system for whole Lavan island facilities and camps including 3 ICSS (Integrated control & safety system) and 15 FACP (Fire alarm control panel)
Responsibility: Lead I&C, F&G Engineer

B) May 2008 – June 2014: TASDID Offshore Development Co.
1. Project: Lab Sefid Desalting and Dehydration Project
Overview: Full automation desalting plant with capacity of 30,000 bbl/day and main equipment of desalter, pump, heater, exchanger, hydrocyclone, filter, tankage, API separator, chemical injection, air unit, fire fighting…
Responsibility: I&C, F&G Engineer

2. Project: Reshadat Renovation & Development Project
Overview: 108km undersea pipeline and 1km onshore pipeline, pigging and metering facilities in the onshore section
Responsibility: I&C Engineer

3. Project Description: Ilam-Salman Platforms
Project Overview: 10km undersea pipeline and modification on the topsides platforms
Responsibility: I&C Engineer

4. Project Description: Aboozar-Nowrooz & Soroush Platforms
Project Overview: 20km undersea pipeline and pigging facilities and modification on the topsides platforms
Responsibility: I&C Engineer

Part Time:
A) May 2015 – Oct 2015: Marun Karaan Co.
Project Description: Kish Cluster Facilities and Pipelines project
Project Overview: Wellhead Facilities (Clusters), Underground and Subsea Pipelines and Gas Plant for the Processing of the Reservoir Fluid
Responsibility: F&G Engineer

B) September 2014 – May 2015: TASDID Offshore Development Co.
Project Description: Foroozan F19 Wellhead Platforms
Project Overview: Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation of One Wellhead Platform (F19), Entrance Block, 2 Submarine Cables and 3 Subsea Pipelines
Responsibility: I&C, F&G Engineer (Basic Design)

C) June 2011 – February 2012: Pars Farayand Jonoob Co.
Project Description: Marun 1~6 desalting plants renovation EPC project
Project Overview: Renovation of 6 separate desalting plants including desalters, pumps, heaters, exchangers, IGF, tanks, API separators, chemical injections, air units, firefighting…
Responsibility: I&C, F&G Engineer